Simulator for learning to play tennis

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What exactly is the Tennis Trainer?

Tennis Trainer is a long-time entertainment for a player because it allows continuous discovery of new training possibilities. Forehand and backhand practice and improving long or short-distance strike are the key elements which provide fun the most. Tennis Trainer allows the second player to play along.

The features of tennis trainer ball and elastic

Tennis Trainer has unique characteristics which improve ist stamina and the comfort of the game.

Stable containerIt is filled with water or sand and can be empitied when carried or transported.
Professional tennis ballHead, Dunlop, Pro’s Pro.
Durable elastic rubber bandThe rubber band prevents from tangling and sticking while playing.
Anti-twist mechanismThe container has a unique mechanism which prevents the rubber band from twisting.
The possibility to play on different surfaceYou can play it on the grass, on the court, in the gym, on the pavement, in the park or yard.
Economical and always at handYou do not waste money on renting the traditional tennis courts.
Perfect for holiday useIt allows you and your family to spend time in an active way while on holiday.
Real training deviceYou play it using a real tennis racket.

First steps with Tennis Trainer

Krok pierwszy

Take the product out of the box and fill the container with water or sand.

Never fill the container with substances harmful to people or the environment.

Krok drugi

Choose a place to play, it should be a solid surface and a few metres of free space around the container.

Make sure that the playing area does not do harm or disturb anyone.

Krok trzeci

Put the container at about 1 metre from the player and start play.

Hit the ball with a regular tennis racket. Hit the returning ball with a diverse dynamics similar to the one on a tennis court.

You can play with your friends!

Tennis Trainer enables to play a game of doubles.

See the instructional video

Choose a product and purchase

The attached balls may vary depending on the time of the production, i.e. Tennis Trainer, Head, Dunlop, Pro’s Pro.

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